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Abel Vargas

Abel Vargas

Family and Friends I need your help! I am asking for your support in sponsoring me as I will be participating in the San Francisco AIDS walk this year. This is such an important cause, as it benefits dozens of AIDS service, research, and education organizations. Not only does this hit close to home (since I am part of a community where HIV and AIDS is largely impacted) it has impacted my family and I on personal level as it was what led to the death of one of our family members.

Many of you may or may not know this but I lost my favorite uncle, My Uncle Richard, to AIDS in the early 90’s. At that time there was not much knowledge about it and people were afraid and uneasy. My Mom stepped up and never left his side during the months leading up to his passing. He was such an inspiration and was truly an amazing person. There is an endless amount of great things I can say about my uncle Richard. In particular, the impact he personally had on me all those years ago and even today. With that being said, in memory of my Uncle Richard I hope that you will sponsor me to keep his legacy alive and bring more awareness to the cause.


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