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Why I’m walking. AIDS & Me
I was in the Navy, stationed on the USS Missouri out of Long Beach CA, when I first started hearing about a mysterious disease affecting gay men. Information was hard to come by. I had a circle of gay friends onboard. They started testing us. When the results would come back, if you tested positive, you’d immediately be escorted to your bunk and you’d pack everything up and be sent down to the naval hospital in San Diego. From one moment to the next my friends disappeared without a trace. No goodbyes. No confirmation of where they were being sent. Just rumors, empty lockers and stripped bunks. I associated AIDS with disappearance and it was scary. I didn’t want to disappear.
The year I was discharged I met Patrick. He was the perfect kind of trouble. He was positive and my friends warned me not to get attached because he wasn’t going to be around for long and he’d probably infect me. I didn’t listen and I didn’t care although we were always safe. He worked at Chris Brownlie Hospice where I started to volunteer. We got arrested at the ACT UP action at the federal building together and we visited San Francisco in 1989 for my first Folsom St Fair. We decided to sell my ’48 De Soto and move up despite knowing only one person who subsequently died about a month after our move. That year was hard. I worked two jobs and volunteered on Ward 5A. Our support system was far away.
I watched Patrick lose weight, get hospitalized numerous times and slowly lose himself to dementia. On the night he was admitted to Coming Home hospice in the Castro, where I was working, the staff told me to take a night off and take care of myself so I went to see the Beastie Boys in San Jose (total douche-bro convention). On the way back I got a DUI and spent the night at 850 Bryant. He passed the next morning.
I continued to work in hospice for the next few years, watching young men come in through the front doors and leave through the side. I watched the demographic shift from white, gay men to men and women of color to IV drug users. I watched families and friends come forward and I sadly watched as some of them, from ignorance and fear, retreat. I saw the lesbian community step up despite being the lowest risk demographic and despite being treated as second class citizens by many gay men. I saw people take to the streets and sit quietly bedside to hold the hand of a stranger as they took their last breaths.
I’m glad to be alive to see the crossroads we’re at: treatment as prevention. We’re still fighting this and your donations helps those affected. Thank you for reading this far down



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