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Dennis Agnos

Dennis Agnos

I can recall the news coverage in the early 1980s, which sought to validate the AIDS epidemic by finding its source. They found Patient Zero, erroneously resting all the blame on him.

It takes years for a person who is HIV-positive and not in treatment to experience T-cell levels low enough to be diagnosed as AIDS. Gaëtan Dugas had been living with HIV for many, many years before the onset of AIDS. He did not bring the virus to North America as a flight attendant. It was already here, slowly stealing the life from countless unsuspecting people.

Gaëtan Dugas’s name must be cleared and the truth be shared widely.

In Gaëtan's memory, I am walking to benefit my favorite HIV service provider, Face to Face in Sonoma County, California.

Thanks for making your gift to this shared tribute.


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