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Gabriel Kirkeberg-Proo

Gabriel Kirkeberg-Proo

This will be my 22nd year walking the AIDSWalk. I walked in the first one in 1987. I have walked every walk since 1997. Last year I thought I would only fundraise and then hang out at our table in Sharon Meadow. Then on the day of the walk I thought I would only walk half way. I was walking with my friend, Brandee and before I knew it we were at the far western edge of GG Park. Walking to the ocean is not bad, there is a gentle slope. Hah, but walking back wasn’t so easy. I feel so humble, because in the 1980s I would run this which is 7 miles. I was hoping we wouldn’t have a team this year, because Max and I are long in the tooth. Last week I even thought that I wouldn’t fundraise, but here I am. Our team has walked for 23 years and over those years raised a total of $937,811. Max wants to keep walking until we reach $1M.

This letter also lets me keep in contact with you. Think of it as a second Holiday letter. I hope this finds you in a good health. I am no longer sure what “good health” is. As best as can be expected after living this long. I can only imagine, dread how I will feel in 2038. Yet I am very grateful to have survived my friends who died of AIDS. I think of them every day. Max is doing well. His glaucoma has affected his balance, but with his balance class and his cane, he hasn’t fallen in a couple of years. Thanks to my doctors and acupuncturist I am feeling pretty good. As of late Max and I have been very sad. We lost our dear dog, Bailey on March 1. It didn’t take long for us to find Kia at the SF SPCA. She is a 37 lb. shepherd mix. She is very sweet, but she needs to be trained. She is very puppyish and we have already lost two pairs of shoes.

We are looking for a retirement community. We are on waiting lists at Mary’s Woods in Lake Oswego, Oregon and at Fountain Grove Lodge in Santa Rosa. We have checked out places in Oakland, San Francisco and Millbrae. I want to see another place in Millbrae next week. We are also trying to figure out what it would take to stay in our house. This uncertainty is taking a toll on me, but at least we are finally clearing out the garage.

You have been faithful friends and I am astonished that you have hung with me all these years. You are spectacular. Can you do it again? This year I have my own URL. If you can help, please paste this into your browser, or write at check the SF AIDSWALK and mail it to me before July 15. I know things change and if you can’t sponsor me you are still my dear friend. I am inundated with solicitations that make my heart ache, but it is impossible for me to support every cause. I get it.

Thank you, love and peace,


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