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Welcome to Gert McMullin's Page

Gert Mcmullin

Gert McMullin

Thank you for visiting my fundraising page! Please support me by making a donation here to AIDS Walk San Francisco.


Well it is that time again when the ugly competitive side of me comes out. This year all monies generated by the Quilt team will go towards the endowment of the Quilt. I need to make sure all of my boys (the Quilt) have a promising future and hopefully a permanent place they can call home. Your donation can help take that from a dream to a reality. Also I need to catch up with some of my fellow virtual walkers and show them that I can do better than they can in generating donations. So please help me and my boys in our dream of a Center for the Quilt so they will never be forgotten. Thanks Gert

DC 1987

DC 1987

April 1987 My 1st two panels


raised of $5,000 goal

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1. Brian Basinger
2. Linda Hunter
Honored to support you Gert!
3. Lynne Driscoll
To the always-inspiring Lucy mom ( Gert)
4. Anne Sherman
Thank you for all that you do. You are a true Shero.
5. Eric Hubbs
Thank you for supporting your boys for so long. You are an inspiration.
6. Tom McLoughin
Enjoyed your company and appreciated your help when making quilts. You were an inspiration! Thank you.
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