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Gert Mcmullin

Gert McMullin

HELP!!!! I am trapped at home and can't get away from myself.
What to do ?? What to do ??
I guess I need to put what little fundraising skills I have together and start fundraising for the upcoming San Francisco AIDS Walk. (Virtually because I am to lazy to actually walk).
Anyway I could go on and on about things you probably have heard a million times but instead I'm just going to get brutally frank.
I NEED YOUR MONEY !! And lots of it please so I can donate more than anyone else on my team. Can you help me?
All donors will receive a virtual smooch (accompanied with a virtual hug on large donations) from Her Gertness.
Thanks and stay safe.
Wash Your Paws!!


raised of $1,000 goal

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1. Daniel Sauro
Thanks for all your ongoing wonderful work, Gert! xoxo
2. Juan-Carlos Castano
You rock, Your Gertness!! ❤️
3. Robert Petitpas
4. Beth Feingold
Go, Gert, Go!
5. Kim Kubik
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