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J Mark Jenkins

J Mark Jenkins

I am walking with Team Castro Country Club this year. The Castro Country Club has been named a co-beneficiary of the event. What does that mean? It means that 80% of the money our team raises will go directly to the Castro Country Club for program funding. We have set an ambitious team goal this year of $75,000.

The Castro Country Club is a clean and sober gathering place for all people and a home for the LGBTQ+ recovery community in the heart of San Francisco, which endeavors to be a space where all can seek wisdom, serenity, courage and joy. The Castro Country Club was integral to my own recovery and I have been honored to serve on the Advisory Board since 2014.

This year I'm walking for my dear friend Alex, who didn't have a resource like the Castro Country Club when he was struggling in his recovery. His story of relapse led him to be in dire need of a liver transplant shortly after becoming a peer-to-peer counselor and feeling like he'd truly changed his life around.

I only wish that we could help more of our fellows in need of support to stay on the path to a new life and hope that you will join us by making a donation today.


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