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John Cunningham

John Cunningham

Thank you for visiting my 2022 AIDS Walk page. As I write this I feel as though it is 40 years ago when we marched for the rights as Gay or Lesbian individuals. The march back then was called Gay Freedom Day as we were marching for our freedom. Over those 40 years we have made so much progress but today ours as well as other freedoms are being taken away. As we learned from the AIDS crisis progress happens through the building of movements which are too BIG to fail. We must join as progressives along with our brothers and sisters who are fighting to preserve what those who have gone before us fought hard to get. Join me as I walk to ensure much needed funds are raised for the work I do as the CEO of the National AIDS Memorial. 80% of each dollar you donate will support my work. Please make a statement of support for the rights of those living with HIV/AIDS or those who are LGBTQ+, women, communities of color. We must join to secure the rights we have all fought so hard for!!


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