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Linda Lautenberger

Linda Lautenberger

Transgender, gender non-conforming, and non-binary individuals have long been among those at greatest risk of HIV/AIDS, homelessness and hunger. Now, these community members are also facing the very real threat of losing hard-fought basic human rights, and are being subject to growing incidence of hate-based violence.

At AIDS Walk San Francisco we are committed to pushing back, lifting up, and marching forward with moral leadership and compassionate support.

Organizations funded by the AIDS Walk have long recognized the needs of trans individuals. Groups like Project Open Hand, PRC, Ward 86 and dozens of other vital service providers work hard to maintain an affirming and safe environment where all who are affected by HIV/AIDS can access comprehensive quality care and support.

Thanks to people like you, that care and support includes a cutting-edge HIV clinic at Ward 86 serving low-income people, vital housing programs at PRC, nutritious meals at Project Open Hand, and so much more.

The current drive to expel patriotic transgender servicemembers from the military sets a tone of discrimination that reverberates far beyond the armed services, its members, and their families. Meanwhile, regressive and hurtful initiatives targeting trans people, as well as elected leaders using hate filled rhetoric, create a worrisome environment that reaches far beyond the boundaries of specific issues, districts, or states.

Stand with us at AIDS Walk San Francisco on Sunday, July 14, as we say to the trans community, we see you, we are with you, and we join you in fighting to protect your health and your rights. Walk with us in Golden Gate Park to support people of all gender identities affected by HIV/AIDS who need help.



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