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Bri Silva

Bri Silva

Thank you for visiting my AIDS Walk 2018 fundraising page! When I tell people where I work (The Spahr Center) and what we do, some ask, isn’t the AIDS epidemic over? Do people really still get infected? Is our help still needed? The answers are: No, the epidemic is not over; while the numbers of new infections has gone down in California, there are still new infections and YES! Your help is still very much needed, the fight isn’t over.

It’s true, the picture is changing; the face of HIV/AIDS is aging. At The Spahr Center, 45% of our HIV clients are over age 55 and 17% are over 65. It’s remarkable that these long term survivors have lived into their senior years, but that has come at a price. Many suffer from trauma, isolation, depression and poverty. 40% of our HIV clients have incomes below the federal poverty level of $1012/month – most living on minimal Social Security.

Their HIV is under control, but other, very serious health conditions, some brought on by the very medications that are saving their lives, including heart disease and opportunistic cancers, have beset them. They have entered older adult life with enduring losses and burdens that can’t be removed. This is why at The Spahr Center, we continue in our dedication to providing these clients the care and support they need, and the recognition they deserve for what they have experienced.

This is why I walk, and this is why we need your support!! Your support makes it possible for us to keep providing care and support to our long term survivors living with HIV/AIDS as well as continuing HIV prevention, testing and education to assure we will reach the end of this epidemic.


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