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Christine Lias

Christine Lias

Thank you for visiting my fundraising page! I hope you will make a donation.

Project Open Hand was founded in 1985 because of the AIDS crisis in San Francisco. What we know almost 35 years later ...

-There is still no known cure for HIV / AIDS.
-There have been tremendous advances in science, health, and nutrition - as well as cultural acceptance - for people living with HIV / AIDS.
-People living with HIV/AIDS now are entering their 50s and 60s - people aging with the illness have special health requirements and challenges.
-People are STILL being infected - the "at-risk" communities are especially vulnerable.
-Demand for client service providers like Project Open Hand is at an all-time high ... and continues to grow.


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1. Susan Rhodes
Thank you Christie, for YOUR support to this cause!!
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Always proud of your efforts.
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