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Peter Pendergrass

Peter Pendergrass

Thank you for clicking through! You may donate here to AIDS Walk San Francisco 2020.

The last pandemic never ended! Like COVID, HIV and AIDS today are still more likely to affect people who are already most at risk: POC, trans folks, and sex workers. These communities are systemically disadvantaged, often dealing with unstable income, housing, and/or healthcare.

Violence against trans folks and sex workers must not be overlooked. HRC reported that in 2019, advocates tracked at least 27 deaths of trans or gender non-conforming people in the US, "due to fatal violence, the majority of whom were Black transgender women." hrc.org/resources/violence-against-the-trans-and-gender-non-conforming-community-in-2020

Living with stable income, housing, and healthcare; living without fear of violence; and living without paranoia of contracting HIV are all PRIVILEGES. PrEP saves lives, but ACCESS must not be taken for granted. We must demand that Gilead, the presenter of AIDS Walk, put people over profit and RELEASE PrEP PATENTS. We need all queer communities and straight allies to fight for universal healthcare, so at-risk people don't have to sacrifice safer sex in order to subsist. We can end racial health disparity! hiv.gov/hiv-basics/overview/data-and-trends/impact-on-racial-and-ethnic-minorities

There are so many injustices, there are so many obstacles to overcome, and they are all linked. Low-paying jobs, generations of financial discrimination, unaffordable housing, corrupt and racist law enforcement, bias and disparity in healthcare - we cannot solve one at a time. The labor unions! The credit unions and community banks! The housing advocates! The protesters! The health care providers! We are all in this together.


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