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Mike Shriver

Mike Shriver

32 years ago, I walked into a building which would have such a profound impact on my life. That building was the Castro Country Club (CCC). And that organization has saved my life, on more than just one occasion.

And because of the incredible debt I owe to the Castro Country Club, I am walking in this year’s AIDS Walk to help raise money for this incredible community-based organization.

Founded in 1983, the Castro Country Club is a clean and sober coffee house/café, located in the heart of the Castro, that provides a safe haven for not just the LGBTQ recovery community, but their allies and friends.

I had the honor of serving on the Board of the CCC during one of its most challenging periods and am in awe of how well this agency has weathered all of its storm and has emerged as a vibrant and life-saving entity.

The CCC is home to a wide variety of 12-step meetings and has developed a wildly successful work re-entry program for individuals who are putting their lives back together after years of being trapped in their addiction.

As someone who has lived with HIV for over three decades, I need a safe and welcoming space where I can go, find support and be with my peers. I find all of these at the CCC. The Castro Country Club gives me hope and strength.

I really hope that you can help me help the place that has been so instrumental in maintaining and improving my health and well-being.


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1. Christopher Hall
My hero!
2. Mark Kelleher & José Cisneros
Happy to assist, Mike!
3. Lawrence Wexler
Walk on! but remember the walker's motto: "don't step in anything soft"
4. Rusty Venture
5. Myra Elizabeth Herbst
Mike, I wish you all the best. You are such an inspiration.
6. Susan Wolfson
always an honor and a privilege to support, with love!
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