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Help me raise $15,000 for the Quilt and the Grove!

Mike Smith

Mike Smith

2020 was a year of change and struggle for all of us. Much of our world was transformed literally and virtually, as we confronted a horrific pandemic that brought back much of the pain many of us lived through during the past four decades of the AIDS pandemic.

I am walking this year in memory of the hundreds of friends lost to AIDS over the years and in honor of the hundreds of other friends living and thriving with HIV/AIDS. Supporting me in this effort will support the workof the AIDS Quilt and the National AIDS Memorial grove and the educational and healing work they do to honor our dead and inform and inspire the living.

This year we mark two significant milestones in the AIDS crisis. June 5th will mark 40 years since the CDC publicly announced the discovery of this new mystery disease, and ten years later, the first shovel went into the ground, and the creation of the healing sanctuary that is the AIDS Memorial Grove began — this year we commemorate the National AIDS Memorial Grove’s 30 Anniversary. Over the last three decades, the National AIDS Memorial, through our shared work has touched countless lives and will forever stand as a testament to the best of community. Last year, we were honored to complete the transfer of stewardship of the AIDS Memorial Quilt and return it home to the Bay Area. The joining together of these two iconic AIDS memorials speaks to the work we have all done over the years to make the National AIDS Memorial what it is today.

AIDS Walk plays a critically-important part in continuing to raise awareness and raise vital funds for organizations like the National AIDS Memorial. Last year, with your support, our team raised over $150,000 to advance our work as we faced extraordinary fundraising challenges presented by Covid-19. There is light at the end of the Covid tunnel, but the fight for funds and the fight to END AIDS, once and for all, goes on. LOut team goal this year is $200,000!


Thank you!


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