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Sarah Sternau

Sarah Sternau

Thank you for showing up here!

You may be aware that my father committed suicide in September 2015. It was the hardest thing I've had to deal with in my life. Looking for a greater understanding about suicide led me to San Francisco Suicide Prevention, an amazing organization I've been volunteering at for the last two years.

What does this have to do with the AIDS Walk? San Francisco Suicide Prevention operates a number of support services, including the HIV Nightline, which responds to over 15,000 calls annually from all over the United States. We're open 24 hours, there when doctors' offices and pharmacies are closed, and a source of information and nonjudgmental emotional support for HIV-related concerns.

I continue to volunteer on the SFSP phone lines, and also recently joined the board of directors. This is my first fundraising effort in my first board role, and while I've set my official goal at $1,000 (now revised to $3,000!), in all honesty I am looking to raise 10x that. All proceeds from what I raise for the Walk will (make me look like a worthwhile new board member, and also) support the HIV Nightline.

I'll be bugging folks through various means until the walk itself, but you can end it now by donating now. THANK YOU for reading this far and considering contributing at any level.


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Thank you, Sarah, for your commitment to such an important cause!
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Go Sarah! xox
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Strong work Sarah!
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