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Welcome to St. Francis Lutheran Church/SFSU Geography - 1127's Page

St. Francis Lutheran Church/SFSU Geography - 1127

St. Francis Lutheran Church/SFSU Geography - 1127

Thank you for visiting our team page! We are back to continue the great legacy of the collaboration between the St Francis Lutheran Church and the Department of Geography & Environment at San Francisco State University, started by our fearless leader Max Kirkburg! Come walk alongside us (metaphorically) by joining the team (bottom right) and finding a nice place to walk with friends or family on, or around, July 19th. Or perhaps you'd prefer to donate to the team or support one of our walkers (below). We appreciate any help to support accessibility for AIDS health care.


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1. Carole Garcia
Walking in spirit, rather than in actuality.. Wait.. that's what I do every year! Hats off to our fearless Leader, Max.
2. Monique Aas
From Steph a pep a poo!
3. Anonymous
4. Mary Ann Copple
Good Luck!!
6. Teresa Locatelli