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Wendy Alger

Wendy Alger

On July 15, a group of Sangha members from IMC/IRC will walk the AIDS walk. Our intention is to help relieve suffering in our community by raising funds through donations. The funds will benefit dozens of organizations working to stop new HIV infections and support people living with HIV/AIDS. Here’s how you can help:

Register & join our team, IMC/IRC Compassion Team, and help us raise funds.

Walk with us in person or as a virtual walker.

Tell your friends & family about our Compassion Team and share us on social media.

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raised of $1,000 goal

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1. Miriam Greenberg
2. Christopher Lee
Thank you for walking!
3. Robin Primavera
Thank you Wendy for doing this for all of us! You do GREAT work! GO WENDY, GO IMC/IRC!!
4. Sabitre Rodriguez
Go Wendy! ! !
5. Diane Wilde
You go Wendy!
6. Bake Sale
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Team IMC/IRC Compassion Team - 1006