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Walking for those who can't

Mark McClelland

Mark McClelland

We have made great progress with AIDS over the decades; many of us are feeling healthier and leading full lives for which we are extremely grateful. So why do I keep walking? To help those who fall through the cracks and still need the help. The walk this year continues the theme of helping the most vulnerable: meal delivery, job training, and elderly research and services.

My friend, John, is losing his Social Security Benefits and looking for work. The walk Funds Positive Resource Center doing career counseling and training , benefits assistance, and emergency cash for doctor copays, utility bills, etc.

I walk for him.

I heard the story of a heroin addict who wants HIV treatment and is falling through the cracks of the system. Infection rates are increasing among IV drug users due to short-sighted policy changes like eliminating needle exchange and cutting education. The walk funds ACRIA, a long-standing agency advocating prevention and treatment.

I walk for her.

It's difficult to make ends meet in our expensive area especially for the disabled and elderly people with AIDS. The walk funds Project Open Hand delivering meals to the homebound. ACRIA does important research on the unique needs of older adults with AIDS to extend their lives.

I walk for them

Joe was on disability and felt isolated from community and found love and support and transformation at a healing touch retreat. "I became even more aware of how blessed I am, how valued I am and how present I am able to be. I am less inhibited with my self worth and body flaws."
The walk funds Positive Being, the non-profit I work with, sponsoring the retreat for people like Joe and offering regular massage to low-income and disabled people with HIV fostering holistic healthy living.

I walk for him.

So, please take a deep breath with me again this year as we forge on with the fight. Help me pay forward our good fortune to lift up the marginalized people with AIDS so they can live longer, happier lives.

Again, deep gratitude for your continued support.



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Thank you for walking and for raising money for this very important cause. Hugs and love to you!
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We love you! Great job reaching your goal!

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