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Gary Mccoy

Gary McCoy

I am walking with Team Castro Country Club this year in AIDSWALK 2019. The Castro Country Club has been named a co-beneficiary of the event. What does that mean? It means that 80% of the money our team raises will go directly to the Castro Country Club for program funding.

Since 1983, the Castro Country Club has been a clean & sober gathering place for all people, and a home for the queer recovery community. The Castro Country Club has been *my* foundation since getting sober many years back, and a place where I continue to frequent - every morning on my way to work, and on weekends. It's a respite in the heart of a sometimes chaotic city that has helped many folks gain and regain sobriety, and putting their lives on a much healthier path.

Please consider a tax-deductible contribution to my goal this year!


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Thanks for participating! You are awesome!
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thank you for walking, Gary!
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