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Ivet's AIDS WALK fundraiser

Ivet Avila

Ivet Avila

Thank you for checking my fundraiser page out && WOW, where can I begin......
First off, I would like you to know that I work directly with patients in my clinic and because of this, I understand how important it is to be a support to those that have historically been judged by society and denied by friends and family. I also know that there is so much to learn about this illness and something that prevents assistance from community health centers like mine to those patients in need of medical/mental healthcare and treatment can be the lack of funding. Medications can be expensive and due to lack of status, insurance coverage is also at times, impossible. By donating to my page, you are helping my clinic to access additional money that we can use to invest in programs to make sure that our patients receive appropriate care so they can continue to live as-normal-as-possible lives. And, if you are unable to donate, I ask that you please share my page so others that I have not yet met see the passion I have and are motivated to donate/share. Thank you. <3


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