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Healing Waters Wilderness Adventures - 1548

Healing Waters Wilderness Adventures - 1548

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Thank you for visiting our team page! Please support us by registering or donating to San Francisco AIDS Walk. We appreciate all the support we can get! Together we can make a difference! In 2016, Healing Waters celebrated 20 years of continuous operation in providing quality wilderness experiences to those living with HIV/AIDS in the Bay Area. We raised over $5K for Healing Waters through AIDS Walk alone that year. Since 1996, we have provided quality volunteer-run whitewater rafting, kayaking and cross country skiing trips. We can't do it without you!

This year in 2018, our main goal is to raise a minimum of $5,000.00-$8,000.00 for the organization through San Francisco AIDS Walk. We are also hoping the organization can qualify to be an AIDS Walk San Francisco Foundation Co-beneficiary team (that way 80% of what we raise goes directly BACK to the organization!), as well as be eligible for a Community Grant from the Foundation. Our main challenge is to continue to be able to provide top quality wilderness experiences for those living with HIV/AIDS. In order to do that, we need to be able to have the funding to provide access to equipment, locations, food, camping equipment, transport (we need a new van! -- see our video link below) and to ensure that we continue to provide a high level of quality to our clients when they experience trips with us.

As Healing Water's AIDS Walk Team Leader for the last five years, I personally invite you to check out our organization, and see what we do for our community. Come on a trip with us -- experience the community, the love, the joy, the healing power of being out in nature, and our Healing Waters family. Regardless of nationality, skin color, sexual orientation, HIV status, socio-economic status, we are ALL the same under the Healing Waters sun. And if you can't make it out on a trip with us, please join our AIDS Walk team on Sunday, July 15th, 2018 in Golden Gate Park, or be a virtual walker for us and donate to support our organization and it's walk team. We'd love you to join us!

Much love to all those out there in support,

Ben A. Schaeffer, SF AIDS Walk Team Leader, Healing Waters
Wilderness Adventures.2013-2018.

***Please also support our other Healing Waters fundraising team for NCAC (Northern California AIDS Cycle) taking place from May 10th-13th, 2018 in Sacramento and Auburn, CA. These are geographical areas outside of the Bay Area that also directly benefit from Healing Waters programming and that we host client groups from on the river each year. ***


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