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Mark Mcclelland

Mark McClelland

This year I am reflecting as AIDS has influenced half my adult life at this point. I think of what the world would have been like without it - the people we lost contributing and shaping our world today. I know you have been affected, too. With the great progress in treatment and most people healthy these days, it is tempting to put the past behind us and declare AIDS over.

So why do I keep walking? To help those who fall through the cracks and still need our help. The walk this year continues the theme of helping the most vulnerable with: meal delivery, job training, elderly research and services and adding homeless services. The cost of living in the Bay Area makes it difficult for people on disability and there is still a great need.

Much of the funds that I raise benefit Positive Being - Healing Through Touch. They provide regular bodywork to low-income people with AIDS and do a self-esteem and body image retreat. Some gratitudes from participants last year:

"I became even more aware of how blessed I am, how valued I am and how present I am able to be."
"I am less inhibited with my self worth and body flaws."
Positive Being really appreciates it because AIDS Walk is the main funding source for the year and they cannot exist without it. And because they are an all-volunteer organization, almost all the money I raise for them goes directly to people with AIDS.

Help me pay forward our good fortune to lift up the marginalized people with AIDS so they can live happier, healthier lives. Let's move forward in the spirit of strength and solidarity that kept so many alive and thriving, saying "yes" to life.

Any amount is very welcome . It all adds up!

Again, deep gratitude for your continued support.

If you prefer, checks for any amount can be made out to "AWSF" with my name in the memo and sent to:

AIDS Walk San Francisco
P.O. Box 193920
San Francisco, CA 94119

Thank you for your consideration!



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Keep up the great work for this worthy cause!
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Walk in good health!
3. Amy Bowers
Thank you for walking - for your strength, for your open heart, for the important work you do.
4. Tim Wemple
Tim and Lisa Wemple
5. Panna Lossy
6. Kathryn Yarkony

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