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Joanie Juster is walking - again

Joanie Juster

Joanie Juster

Anyone who knows me know that I absolutely HATE asking anyone for anything. It just isn't in my nature to ask for help.

And yet, year after year after year, since 1988, I have asked you all to help me raise money for AIDS Walk. So here I am again, asking you to give generously. I'm setting high fundraising goals, and I know that, together, we can reach them.

And why? Because AIDS is not over. I could cite statistics and quote reports, but the bottom line is: on a human level, there is still a great deal of work to be done, and you and I can make a real difference here.

For many, many years you've all helped me walk for AIDS Emergency Fund's team. In the past year or so, my beloved AEF has changed a bit, becoming a program of PRC. PRC is the agency formed by the merger of Positive Resource Center, AIDS Emergency Fund, and Baker Places. Our mission is to help people affected by HIV/AIDS, substance use, or mental health issues by providing integrated legal, social, and health services.

Bottom line: AEF's mission remains, as always: fast, compassionate emergency financial assistance to low-income San Franciscans living with HIV/AIDS, to help stabilize their living situation and prevent homelessness. But now, under the umbrella of PRC, AEF has become part of a broader continuum of care to help our clients in even more ways.

In other words, your support, as always, will help keep a roof over someone's head, keep the lights on, pay medical bills, help them get back on their feet, keep them alive, and show them that someone cares. That's huge.

So please, give what you can. AIDS Walk is coming up soon - July 15! - so please give what you can. Every dollar adds up!

Thank you, my friends.


(As always, my friend Bruce Smith's spirit will be walking with me - my dear friend and AIDS Walk mentor. <3 )


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In memory of Bruce Smith
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All my love, my dear sister.
3. Teri Heberling
Joanie, you are amazing and I stand in awe. Thank you for walking in lieu of those of us who can’t!
4. Jeanette Williams
Always happy to support these important fundraising events. Love you Joanie??
5. Lorelle Young
6. Griff Young
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