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Kevin Looby

Kevin Looby

This 10k walk through beautiful Golden Gate Park raises money for three incredible local charities that serve society's most vulnerable groups: the critically ill, seniors, and those affected by HIV/AIDS, substance abuse, or mental health issues. These are some of the people in our communities who most need our help and support while at the same time are least likely to receive the assistance they need.

I try to participate in fundraising events whenever I can, but the AIDS Walk is always the one that has the most powerful impact on me. This charity serves groups that are, for many reasons, typically overlooked. Seniors, people who are critically ill, those suffering from substance abuse or mental health issues -- these are all groups that are relatively invisible to most of society, and because they are so often overlooked, they need our help that much more.

** UPDATE: Donation Matching **
In this final week leading up to the walk, I'll match up to $5 of any new donation.


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