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Linda Lautenberger

Linda Lautenberger

This July, I will be joining 20,000 caring people in Golden Gate Park for AIDS Walk San Francisco. I have set an ambitious $1000 fundraising goal and need your help to achieve it! We have come a long way since the beginning, but we still see more than 30,000 new infections every year nationwide.

Although we have made great strides in fighting HIV/AIDS, we do not yet have a cure!!

That’s where we come in. Will you please sponsor me for AIDS Walk San Francisco?

The funds we raise benefit ACRIA, Positive Resource Center, Project Open Hand, and dozens of other tri-state area AIDS service organizations. These groups serve as a lifeline to thousands of people living with the disease in need of medical care, food, counseling, housing assistance, and much more. AIDS Walk San Francisco funding also powers prevention programs as well as critical efforts to demand a cure.

Here are more statistics that show HIV/AIDS is still a threat here in the U.S.:
One in eight of those infected with HIV is unaware of their infection.
Nationally, about one in four new HIV infections are among youth, ages 13-24.
According to a 2016 report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, if current HIV diagnosis rates persist, about half of all gay black men and a quarter of gay Latino men in the U.S. will be infected with HIV in their lifetime.
It will take all of us working together to end the epidemic. That is why I am calling on you and many others to help.



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