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Help Mike Smith raise $15,000 for the Quilt and the Grove!

Mike Smith

Mike Smith

Welcome to my AIDS Walk Page. I hope that you and your loved ones are safe and healthy in this time of plague. 40 years ago this Spring, the CDC was notified of what would become the first case of AIDS, the plague of my 20's. In those dark times, living in its epicenter in the Castro, I struggled to find a way to help, a way to comfort, a way to be of service. Along with a handful of others, I helped start the AIDS Memorial Quilt.

Convinced we would die alone and forgotten by our country, we began making a colorful fabric memorial that, in fact, was a protest banner. By acknowledging our dead, we hoped we could stop the dying. I expected our effort to last a season, or a year, or maybe two.

While we had an immense impact, it turns that our work is never really done. Stigma, fear and ignorance are still the major vectors that allow HIV to spread. And the Quilt is one of our best weapons to combat those.

Last year we brought the Quilt to hundred of communities that are still coming to grips with HIV - schools, colleges, religious communities and more. In the midst of the new scourge, the plague of my 60s, we can't host large-scale events. So we are finding new ways to tell those stories online and electronically.

Why? Because the message does not get old: celebrate the lives that were lost, embrace our humanity as one, support and comfort the grieving, take personal action to make change, hold on to the better angels of our nature.

Help me raise the funds we need to continue this work, which is more important than ever as we face this new pandemic.



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1. Kayne Burk
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Mike, thanks for keeping on keeping on.
3. Phil Nash
Just be sure to discourage 3'X6' panels for the Covid 19 quilt. They'd need the state of Texas for the full display.
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6. Stanley Wong
Thanks for your many years of compassion service and care at The Quilt, AEF, BCEF and now the Aids Memorial.
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