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Join us in our outrageous goal to raise $90,000!

National AIDS Memorial Grove - 2916

National AIDS Memorial Grove - 2916

Let’s be clear, we’ve set an outrageous goal for AIDS Walk San Francisco 2018. How are we going to raise $90,000? We are going to do it by activating and inspiring the Bay Area’s most passionate and devoted supporters and volunteers. Together your passion and dedication for National AIDS Memorial’s mission, and your unmatched recruiting and fundraising talent will take us over the top. In order to reach this goal we must grow our team and encourage even more generosity.

How Can I Make A Difference?
There are five ways you can be a part of this record breaking event:

Sign up as a Walker — Sign up as a walker and raise money from your friends, family, colleagues, and community at large. Then join #TeamAIDSMemorial on Sunday, July 15 at Golden Gate Park to celebrate your success as a member of the top fundraising team, and be proud of the difference you are making

Sign up as a Virtual Walker — Sign up as a virtual walker and raise money from your friends, family, colleagues, and community at large. Then join #TeamAIDSMemorial in spirit on Sunday, July 15 and be proud of being part of the top fundraising team for the third year running. This is perfect for anyone who does not live in the Bay Area, or anyone who is not physically able to complete the Walk.

Donate to #TeamAIDSMemorial — National AIDS Memorial receives 80% of every dollar it raises whether you donate to your favorite walker or make a general team donations; every donation helps us get one step closer to reaching our goal.

Become an AIDS Walk Ally and Spread The Word — You can help grow our team and generate donations by sharing your passion for National AIDS Memorial’s mission with your community via email and social media; become an AIDS Walk Ally and we’ll provide you everything you need to get the word out — step one: like our Facebook page:

Are There Any Perks?
To reach our goal we need to do more than just raise money, we will need your help to build our team with new walkers. So this year we’re giving you even more incentives to reach out to your network to support one of San Francisco’s most cherished organizations.

T-Shirts — Anyone who becomes a Star Walker by raising at least $1,000 will receive an official Team AIDS Memorial 2018 T-shirt

Circle of Friends Engraving — Every Walker who raises at least $3,000 will be able to get a name engraved in the Grove’s Circle of Friends

Special Weekend Package Prize — The Walker who recruits the most new walkers, who also become Star Walkers, will win a special weekend package for two that includes lodging, dinner, and a show

Walker Appreciation Party — The National AIDS Memorial will host a special Walker appreciation party for everyone who walks for the TEAM AIDS Memorial

The National AIDS Memorial was born out of a community’s need to create a place for survivors to begin the healing process, a process that continues to this day. This special place is a beacon of hope to the rest of the world, it is a place of remembrance, reflection, and a tribute to those who have died, those who are surviving and all those who are helping in the fight against AIDS.

We are a wonderful organization with a BIG HEART, and with the support of dedicated board, staff, and volunteers like you, we can do most anything. On Sunday, July 15 we will gather the largest #TeamAIDSMemorial ever assembled in Golden Gate Park and celebrate our success and strengthen our commitment to making a difference.

When you walk, the money you raise ensures that National AIDS Memorial is able to continue its critical work and will live on in perpetuity.



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