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Andrew Ohlert

Andrew Ohlert

Thank you for visiting my fundraising page! I've partnered with the AIDS Legal Referral Panel, which provides free/low-cost legal services to those living with HIV/AIDS in the Bay Area, so donations to my page will also go towards ALRP and the critical legal services they provide.

What Is ALRP?
ALRP was founded during the AIDS crisis in the 1980s, where their services primarily involved preparing wills and last testaments for those dying of AIDS; given the politics of the day, this allowed those individuals to die in dignity and know their belongings wouldn't be stripped from their partners, whom may not have even been legally recognized. As advances have been made in treatments for HIV, ALRP has expanded its services to the entire gamut of issues that those living with HIV/AIDS encounter, including housing disputes, benefit claims, and much more. Last year, ALRP handled a record 2,483 cases for our clients, a 66% increase over the last 15 years. So this year we’re trying to raise $36,000 to support ALRP’s free legal services for people with HIV/AIDS.

I serve as a member of ALRP's Board because of their great contributions to our community, and I hope this helps you understand why it is so important to support ALRP and the SF AIDS Walk.

Isn't AIDS over?
AIDS is not over. There are more people living with HIV than ever before. One in three gay men in San Francisco is living with the disease. The demand for ALRP's service is greater than ever. At the same time funding for HIV/AIDS services is facing dramatic cuts at every level.

You can find out more about ALRP here:

If you'd like to donate directly to ALRP, please do so here:


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