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P Tyrone Smith

P Tyrone Smith

Since moving to San Francisco in 1998 the National AIDS Memorial has held special meaning for me, and I have been committed to supporting its mission to tell the story of AIDS in perpetuity through my community work. That's why this year, alongside my husband Rafael, we are once again participating in AIDS Walk San Francisco to raise $2,500 for the Memorial. Please consider making a gift today.

Your generous contribution will help us raise funds to maintain and preserve both the National AIDS Memorial Grove and the AIDS Memorial Quilt, as well as inspire future leaders through scholarships and other programs. By supporting these national treasures and empowering youth, you ensure that the lives of people who died from AIDS are not forgotten and that the story of AIDS is known by future generations.

Since 1991, the Grove has been a space for healing, hope and remembrance. Thousands of names are etched in stone among its beautiful surroundings. This living memorial was created during the darkest days of the AIDS pandemic and today, shares the stories of loved ones lost to AIDS, but is a powerful reminder of the work that still needs to be done in the fight for health and social justice.

The first panels of the AIDS Memorial Quilt were stitched together 35 years ago during the height of the AIDS epidemic when a group of strangers gathered at a San Francisco storefront to remember the names and lives of their loved ones they feared history would forget. It was that seemingly simple act of love and defiance, which sparked a national movement, that continues today. Today, the Quilt is a powerful social justice teaching tool, having grown to more than 50,000 3-by 6-foot memorial panels, individually sewn together to tell the personal stories of more than 110,000 lives lost to AIDS.

Please make a donation today that is meaningful to you and also gives meaning to the lives of those that have been lost to AIDS and to those who continue the fight against discrimination and hate today.
With deep appreciation,


P Tyrone Smith-Cunha
Rafael Cunha-Smith


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