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Rejuvenate Hope

Mark Mcclelland

Mark McClelland

It has been a challenging year for many and our hearts go out to those still suffering. At the same time, it feels like a new awakening, a Spring in a way, as we can enjoy more simple pleasures - the top of my list is hugging. I hope you are enjoying more these days, too.

I didn’t want to ask for donations last year when people might be struggling. I deeply thank everyone who has helped out over the many years and think anything we can raise this year is a gift. So if you can, please join us in supporting the most needy people with AIDS in our community.

Touch is so meaningful for physical and mental health and many people with AIDS on disability living alone have been so deprived. Here at Positive Being-Healing Through Touch, we seek to heal and nurture by helping those with HIV and other chronic illnesses reclaim their bodies as a site of well-being and a source of healing strength.

The words of our members speak for themselves:
" I became even more aware of how blessed I am, how valued I am and how present I am able to be."
"I am less inhibited with my self worth and body flaws."

There is no more important time to continue this work than right now. We are gearing up to serve clients again and possibly plan a retreat (safely of course). We have not received donations in over a year and your contributions through AIDSWalk have kept us alive. Many thanks for all that you have done in the past. In this crucial time, we need a boost to ramp up our services and expand to other communities like people with ALS.

The funds also go to established service agencies with stellar records in reaching the most vulnerable: Project Open Hand for home meal delivery, Positive Resource Center for job placement and disability advice, and Ward 86, the AIDS unit at SF General Hospital which is now reaching out to the homeless.

Please join me in the cause once again and bring some joy into the lives of those who have been isolated and struggling .

The “walk” is over but funds are accepted until June 11.

Thank you!



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