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Rell Sanderson

Rell Sanderson

Thank you for visiting my fundraising page!

The Covid 12 economy is demanding. Times are uncertain. Everybody is feeling it. But not everybody has somebody to be there for them if times get tough. The Francisco AIDS community is abounding in stories of need. Those individuals in need of support deserve to feel the security of knowing they are not alone. Collectively, each donation, regardless of size, is going to directly influence the present and future of those facing AIDS in the bay area.
Please support me by making a donation here to AIDS Walk San Francisco.


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1. Sandy Blanden
Keep up the good work Rell❤️
2. Gail Hentges
Hope all is well with you Rell 😊
3. Jan Van Dusen
4. E Meredith Young
5. Stu Naegele
In memory of Andy Beusan
6. Sharon Cyran
No better cause. Love you Rell