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Rell Sanderson

I’m fairly certain that this will be my 32nd AIDS Walk, At my age single digits aren’t terribly important except that one digit we carry until reaching our next birthday. And there is the possibility I will be making the passage through beautiful Golden Gate Park on some rolling device. So I’m tired of these walks. It’s time for a cure. But a cure is only part of the solution. In years to come, I’ll probably have to roll around some more because those already infected are still going to have to face the myriad of possible financial challenges that this horrific disease presents. Since the beginning of the pandemic over 700,000 individuals in the US have died.

In the US there is an estimated 1.2 million individuals who are infected with HIV. It is dismaying that 13% of those infected, or 156,000 individuals, don’t even know that they carry the virus. In 2020 there were 18,489 deaths in the US attributed to AIDS. As AIDS has become a more manageable disease we seldom hear about HIV in the news anymore. But it remains a very real public health threat. So walk or roll, I’ll likely be out there. Please contribute. Thank you.


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