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+ FACT: AIDS is still an epidemic.
One in every 60 San Franciscans is living with HIV; more than half of them are people over 50 who are at higher risk for kidney disease, heart attacks, and cancer than their peers.

+ FACT: Nearly one in three HIV/AIDS patients turn to cannabis.
Patients across the country use cannabis to ward off pain, nausea, appetite loss, cachexia, and emotional decline.

+ FACT: The current administration has no HIV/AIDS strategy.
Both the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS and Office of National AIDS Policy have been dismantled, and the National HIV/AIDS Strategy has been scrubbed from the White House website.

+ FACT: The fight to end AIDS is in your hands!

The medical cannabis movement was forged in the fire of the AIDS crisis. As an industry, we stand united in the shared spirit of service and action for our member-patients. We stand united in our determination to continue the healing progress that has been made through these tumultuous times.

We are Team Cannabis.

To date, over 200 walkers from 30 cannabis-related enterprises in California have been a part of Team Cannabis in this effort. Our hyper-local efforts have generated over $200,000 in four years of participation -- one of the highest-donating groups to the AIDS Walk!

Please join us in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Let's end this disease once and for all. Walk with us or become a sponsor today!

Thank you for your support.


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