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Jaime Rush

Jaime Rush

This year will be my 14th AIDS Walk, and without a doubt is the most difficult sponsorship email I have had to write. There have been years when I walked in memory of someone I lost to AIDS- those were hard emails. Other years, I have asked for your support as HIV/AIDS programs were losing most of their Federal funding- those too were challenging asks. And still there have been years filled with positive news, both in the fight for people living with HIV/AIDS and in my own life.
But 2020.............
The COVID-19 pandemic has decimated communities across the country and throughout the world and has turned our day-to-day lives upside-down. Amid all of the upheaval, though, some things have not changed. People living with HIV/AIDS continue to face threats to their housing, income, and health care. ALRP's legal services are still a life-line for our clients; in fact, our services are even more critical now than ever before.
I am acutely aware that many of us do not have the resources today that we had in past years. For this reason, I have chosen not to have a dollar amount for my fundraising goal; rather, my goal is to get donations in ANY AMOUNT no matter how small, from as many individual donors as possible. Please help me reach my personal goal of receiving contributions (small or otherwise) from at least 25 individuals!

Thank you so very much for your support!
With love,

Please visit my personal page https://sf.aidswalk.net/JaimeRush


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