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Matthew Kammerer

Matthew Kammerer

So happy to be raising funds for our patients and beyond!!!!

Please help us... these resources go to caring for patients who otherwise cannot afford treatment.

MRCE Foundation's work with AIDSWALK goes back almost 40 years. At least half of these funds go to serving our patients directly!

MRCE Foundation provides subsidized acupuncture care to those who are facing financial hardship. Currently we serve those with HIV diagnoses and we also have a separate program serving those with Cancer diagnoses. The funds from this fundraiser goes to our HIV program. These patients face a wide range of obstacles and challenges due to their diagnosis and treatment. Chicken Soup Chinese Medicine and Quan Yin (MRCE Foundation) has historically been a place where HIV positive folks could find resources to help them navigate their disease, health, and wellness. Even though treatment has come a long way, we are still dealing with the legacy of having no treatments, or damaging treatments, as well as issues with current medications.

Your funds go directly to ease suffering equitably.
You are helping us change people's days and lives. So thank you so much for considering helping us, and AIDSWALK in this mission.

Spread love and wellness with us


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