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Phillip Lasiter

Phillip Lasiter

Dear friends, family, and colleagues. I know there is a very real possibility that, given the challenging times we have endured for almost a year now, you may be unable to contribute, but If your are fortunate enough to be in a position to do so, please support my AIDS Walk 2021 campaign with a tax deductible donation. You will be helping those who are less fortunate continue to have access to programs that assist underserved populations in attaining healthcare, mental health services, housing, job training, recovery, legal services, and more. My life is a testament to the effectiveness of nonprofits funded by AIDS Walk San Francisco. Once an intravenous meth using street hustler with untreated mental illness, HIV, and Hep C, now a Health Educator serving stigmatized and marginalized populations in my city, I have become an asset to my community. Miraculous transformations do happen, but they usually require the support of organizations funded by good people like you.

As in previous years, I am walking with Team Castro Country Club. Most of the funds I raise will benefit this essential resource. Please help if you can.


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Keep paying it forward!
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Have a great walk, hugs to Emmy
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So proud of you Phil and the good you support
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