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Gert Mcmullin

Gert McMullin

HELP!!!! I am trapped at home and can't get away from myself.
What to do ?? What to do ??
I guess I need to put what little fundraising skills I have together and start fundraising for the upcoming San Francisco AIDS Walk. (Virtually because I am to lazy to actually walk).
Anyway I could go on and on about things you probably have heard a million times but instead I'm just going to get brutally frank.
I NEED YOUR MONEY !! And lots of it please so I can donate more than anyone else on my team. Can you help me?
All donors will receive a virtual smooch (accompanied with a virtual hug on large donations) from Her Gertness.
Thanks and stay safe.
Wash Your Paws!!

Washington DC 1992

Unfolders 1996

Gilbert Baker running under his mile long flag

San Leandro Warehouse and Sewing Room

Metrodome 1988 National Tour


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