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Welcome to California Section - American Chemical Society

California Section - American Chemical Society - 0276

California Section - American Chemical Society - 0276

Welcome to the California section of the American Chemical Society (Cal ACS) team. As passionate advocates of both chemistry and community, Cal ACS recognizes the crucial role that scientific research and innovation play in addressing the challenges posed by HIV/AIDS.

Chemistry, with its diverse branches and applications, is instrumental in developing novel antiretroviral drugs and diagnostic techniques, as well as improving treatment strategies and understanding the underlying mechanisms of the virus. By supporting Cal ACS and participating in the AIDS Walk San Francisco, you contribute to the advancement of scientific knowledge and the pursuit of effective solutions for a world free from the burden of HIV/AIDS.

We invite you to join us in making history, inspiring compassion, and taking significant strides towards a brighter future. Your registration or donation to AIDS Walk San Francisco is greatly appreciated, as every contribution fuels our collective efforts.


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