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**PLEASE NOTE** Donations made via venmo/paypal to me will be MATCHED (though that means you won't have a receipt for a tax write off). Check here to see if your employer does matching donations:

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This year, I realize fundraising for anything is difficult. But also this year, perhaps more than ever, the money raised from this event will go to help those most in need. A major recipient of funds this year is PRC

PRC is offering an essential lifeline to those who are facing *homelessness*, along with HIV and other challenges.

PRC’s Emergency Financial Assistance Program ( is helping people pay for their rent, utilities, medical bills, and other basic financial needs during the crisis.

So by fundraising for PRC, not only are we raising money for AIDS/HIV assistance/education, we are also raising money for those who have lost their jobs due to COVID-19 and are in need of assistance.

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