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Joanie Juster

Joanie Juster

My first AIDS Walk was in 1988.
George H.W. Bush was President.
Over 89,000 Americans had already died of AIDS.
There was no sign of a cure, or even effective treatment, on the horizon.
There seemed to be no hope.

But we started walking.
Each year during the height of the epidemic, AIDS Walk grew, giving ordinary people like me and my friends a way that we could, literally, step up and help. AIDS Walk gave us a way to help multiple local organizations that were fighting for the lives of our neighbors. We raised money that provided food, shelter, medical care, research, and hope.
We walked with love and hope in our hearts, in defiance of the grim reality that surrounded us.

Now, more than 30 years later, I'm still walking.
While medical advances have made it possible for people with HIV/AIDS to live longer, healthier lives, there is still no known cure.
While many people can benefit from new drug therapies, many others are left without access to life-saving drugs.

People with HIV/AIDS still need our help. AIDS Walk still provides critically needed resources for our community, supporting organizations (like PRC!) that provide direct services to the most vulnerable among us.

As always, I will be walking in memory of those we have lost, and in honor of those still fighting for their lives and their health. I walk in memory of my dear friend Bruce Smith, who devoted so much of his life to helping others.

And I walk for you. Donate to my campaign, and I will gladly be your designated walker.

Thank you for your support!



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Carry on.❤❣💟
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In memory of Bruce Smith
3. Marc Smith
In memory of my Uncle Bruce Smith who spent a lifetime supporting and caring for those afflicted with the utmost compassion. We are grateful for the continued efforts from Joanie, Cal, Troy and all others. Sorry we missed this year, but we will walk with you next year. Much love, Marc & Amy Smith
4. Linda Nanbu
In memory of Bruce Smith
5. Thomas Redding
6. Lorelle Young
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