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Monica Hahn

Monica Hahn

Thank you for visiting my fundraising page!

Founded in 1989, @hiveonlineorg provides medical and social work care to individuals affected by HIV in San Francisco and beyond. All San Franciscan babies have been born HIV-free since 2005. HIVE helps families affected by HIV improve their lives by connecting them to parenting, mental health, and housing services. These wraparound services are vital to maintaining the health of our patients and assuring no babies are born with HIV. I am proud to walk alongside my friends, family & community at #AIDSWalkSF on July 15.

Every donation to HIVE’s #AIDSWalkSF team makes a difference. Since we are a beneficiary, the funds we raise go toward our program. $150 supports one baby to receive its first medical visit. $250 supports one pregnant woman to receive a prenatal visit. $500 supports one baby to receive complete HIV testing. $1,000 supports one woman to receive intensive social work services (mental health, parenting, housing, legal) throughout pregnancy. Every dollar counts. Thank you for supporting our work.


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