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Please support me and the National AIDS Memorial by donating to AIDS Walk San Francisco.

Shanthi Noriega Minichiello

Shanthi Noriega Minichiello

The National AIDS Memorial Grove is a 10-acre living memorial in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park dedicated to lives touched by AIDS. In October 1996, through the passage of legislation spearheaded by Representative Nancy Pelosi and signed by President Bill Clinton, the ‘National AIDS Memorial Grove Act of 1996’ designated the Grove a national memorial.

This is my first year serving as a member of the board of directors and I take pride in being a steward of the Memorial's mission: By sharing the story of the struggle against HIV/AIDS, we remember, in perpetuity, the lives lost, we offer healing and hope to survivors, and we inspire new generations of activists in the fight against stigma, denial, and hate, for a just future. We are committed to ensuring that the lives of people who died from AIDS — and those who fought for justice, provided care, and made discoveries — are never forgotten.

The National AIDS Memorial, The National AIDS Memorial Quilt, Surviving Voices, and our other programs continue to serve our mission. Last year mini-documentaries created by our Surviving Voices program were seen by thousands who attended the Queer Film festival. We have a new mini-documentary, “Surviving Voices: Black Community,” that we are excited about and hopefully will have news as to when it will be showing later in the year.

In June, we will mark the 35th anniversary of the AIDS Memorial Quilt with a historic outdoor display in Golden Gate Park featuring more than 3,000 hand-stitched panels of the Quilt. For Black history month in 2021 and 2022, we presented a uniquely curated virtual exposition of quilt panels representing members of the Black community that we have lost to AIDS. Here is a link to that exhibit. aidsmemorial.org/virtual-quilt/virtual-quilt-black-history

Your support helps make all of this possible.


To find out more about the National AIDS Memorial aidsmemorial.org

I'm humbled by everyone's generosity in these hard times, thank you to everyone who's made a contribution. The National AIDS Memorial will get the majority of what you donate and this will help support activities like our scholarship program and this summer's Quilt tour to the South of the US where communities of color continue to be disproportionally affected by HIV. Thank you everyone!


Thank you everyone for your generous donations to date, let's keep them coming! So far we've raised $585 together, your contributions help the Memorial support some really important efforts to assure a community never again be harmed because of fear, silence, discrimination, or stigma. Some of these important national engagements include efforts to reach out to communities of color who are disproportionately affected by HIV, and our scholarship program for young leaders in the pursuit of social justice and health equity. My heartfelt thanks to all who have contributed so far, and a reminder to those that haven't yet that there is still time, Shanthi


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