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Jeff Seibert

Jeff Seibert

Thank you for visiting. I'd hand out candy, but no one has figured out how to do that virtually - and hey, I work in an IT department, but I am not an IT guy - though everyone does know that if you want something I am the guy to go for it. Get it? I hope so.

I am moving - and this may be the last year that I raise money for AIDS Walk SF. I may focus onto other issues in Arizona. I appreciate all of you who have donated in the past, and I appreciate all of you who may be donating for the first time. I thank you. The people who benefit from your generosity thank you.


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1. Martin & Brad
Thank you, Jeff, for making a difference.
2. Jeff Seibert(for Dickerson's)
3. Glenn Hilado
In support of walker Jeff Seibert.
4. Peter Grady
5. Yvonne Cruz
6. Carlene & John Kemmerer
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