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New to fundraising? First time participating in AIDS Walk San Francisco? Need a refresher course to boost your total? We’re here to help! Follow these easy steps to becoming a successful fundraiser—aim high and you could be one of our next Star Walkers™!


Personalize your fundraising page, where your friends, family, and co-workers go to sponsor you online, by logging in to your Fundraising HQ. There you can:
  • Share your reasons for walking by editing the text on your page.
  • Create or change your custom URL that links directly to your fundraising page.
  • Upload your own images or videos.
  • Set or change your fundraising goal.


Now that you have a spiffy new personal fundraising page, share the link with everyone you know and ask them to sponsor you for AIDS Walk San Francisco. Don’t be afraid to follow up or send reminders, and remember to thank your donors! You can share the link by:
  • Sending an email through your Fundraising HQ—the link is automatically included in all messages you send and there are templates to choose from and customize!
  • Connecting your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts to your HQ to post outreach messages to all your social media contacts.
  • Copying and pasting your custom URL into your fundraising outreach emails directly.


Get ready for AIDS Walk San Francisco by reviewing important Day-of-Event information. At the Walk, you can:
  • Turn in any cash or check donations you have received with your Sponsor Form at Sign-In.
  • If you have raised $150 or more, pick up your well-deserved Fundraising Awards at Sign-In.
  • Walk proudly with more than 10,000 others knowing that your work supports thousands of people living with HIV/AIDS and helps stop new infections.