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Post-Walk Information

Can I still turn in donations?
I never picked up my Fundraising Awards on the day of AIDS Walk San Francisco. How can I get them?
Some of my donors sent in donations directly to the AIDS Walk San Francisco office. Can I get a list of people who sent checks in to sponsor me?
When will the website be updated with the donations I turned in on the day of the event?
I sponsored a walker online, and it is not showing up on their page. What happened?
The total I see for myself or my Team Members on the Team Roster I received via email is not correct. What happened?
When will final team totals and the 2018 Gold Team list be announced?
Where can I buy more of those delicious snacks and beverages that I tried at AIDS Walk San Francisco?
How can my company become a sponsor of or donate products to AIDS Walk San Francisco 2018?
I did not receive my certificate of completion at AIDS Walk San Francisco. Can it be sent to me?
How can I get my community service paperwork signed?
When can I register for AIDS Walk San Francisco 2018?

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