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Troy Brunet

Troy Brunet

Thank you for visiting my fundraising page! Please support me by making a donation here to AIDS Walk San Francisco.

Thank you all so much for Loving support for the walk. I made it! I couldn’t be more grateful to all of you for your kindness. Until next year. Godspeed for another beautiful year. Many blessings. Lots of Love. Troy


Thanks you all for the support. The new goal is now $2,000. Let’s see if we can get there. You have all been so kind in your giving this season, I very much appreciate it. So, Please keep sharing and showing your love as you are bringing me such JOY. I know the agencies that will receive these funds will be very appreciative of your giving as well. For your Kindness breeds relief and that Relief brings Joy. Thank you for your kind donations. Many blessings! Troy


To all of you wonderful people/supporters that have helped me reach my goal, Thank you. I’m truly grateful. For all or of you that would like to keep adding to it, to help out the San Francisco AIDSWALK and the Agencies that will be well served by your donation… I’m truly appreciative. Thank you all so much. Have a glorious day. Many blessings! Troy Brunet


Thank you to my supporters of last year 2022 for getting me to my goal amount of $1,000. I appreciate you all. 🙏🏽❤️ Here’s to another year of great fundraising for Aidswalk San Francisco. I’m truly grateful for all of you that continue to support me in this effort. I’ve been with AIDSWalk San Francisco for 23+ years now. I’ve been blessed to have been a star-walker for 21+ years Joyfully. Walking the walk makes me feel alive and worthy of the support that I am able to bring forth that just lifts me up. I always love to be out there rallying folks together for a joyous walk. What great fun. Thank you past supporters for giving me that opportunity. As we move the unnecessary stuff happening around this country, I’m ready for some great fun with folks that thrive on positivity. You don’t realize how valuable life is, until you are just about to loose it. I suffered 23 years ago, with pneumocystis pneumonia that put me in a coma for two months. After those months of lifelessness, I vow to always value life and live life with joy and purpose. From that time I continue to suffer with chronic pain especially in my joints, with deterioration of the bone. I’ve now had 18 surgeries with the latest just weeks ago. I’ve had 6 hip replacements, 3 shoulders replacements now, both knees replaced, and 4 neck and 3 back surgeries. But I continue to find all the Joy I can in my life’s purpose. The Saints in my life rally around me. I’m so Grateful to be here. I will walk and walk til I can’t walk anymore for this cause and Myself. Life is precious. Let’s bring the JOY to the front of the line. My walks are dedicated to my strong mother, who has always said to me “Only The Strong Survive” since I was a kid. Ma, I miss you and love you so much. ❤️ I can not Thank You enough for your strength. May my faith in God keep me going. Grateful I am. Help me support the strong survivors of this dreadful virus and HELP me to continue the fight to end AIDS. Many blessings y’all. Thank you 🙏🏽 Troy


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