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Hi, I’m so sorry that I’m late with my ask this year for sponsors for the AIDS Walk San Francisco. With my back being as crazy in pain as it is, it had me questioning if I can do the walk. No Question...YES, I AM WALKING!!! ...pain and all. I figure I’ve done it before, I can do it again. This challenges me. I hope that you’ll be there to support me. God bless you and please support me for AIDSWalk San Francisco.
My story is also attached. Please READ it so you can get some understanding of what I’M ACTUALLY going through ALL DAY EVERYDAY! Some days are better than others and those I cherish and the bad days I cherish because I make it through them with a positive attitude. I have one week to raise $2000 and I hope you will be a part of that support.

Thank you for visiting my fundraising page! Please support me by making a donation here to AIDS Walk San Francisco.

Its that time again for Aidswalk sf.
Read my story...17yrs walking and as Starwalker:and read other info below

Yes HIV/AIDS is still very much alive in our communities. Lets Help Shut it Down.

I want you all to understand just why I walk and support the AIDSWalk SF.
I live with HIV/AIDS everyday of my life and I would like to continue living. It’s hard!!
So with that being said I and others need the support of the organizations that are supported by the AIDSWalk.
Walking can be difficult for me but I put on my "I've got to do it" face and do it. I do it, because in the power of "Only The Strong Survive" and I am a survivor. So I Walk.

In Dec. of 1999 I went into the hospital with Pneumonia and in March of 2000 I returned home for recovery. While in the hospital, after 1 week I was in a coma for almost 2 months and I am undoubtedly very happy to be still alive. With my family by my side I then began recovery.
Recovery is still happening for me everyday. I was breathing with the help of a drug call pretnazone. Helpful yet hindering because it assisted in the deteriorated of the joints. I have since had 5 hip replacements and both shoulders replaced, right knee replaced, two neck surgeries, and as of late 2 back surgeries. 12 total. I also have a neck surgery looming in the shadows in the months to come with more surgeries to come after that. IT DOES NOT END.
Arthritis is also a big deal for me. I suffer with it in my right foot, hands and both ankles. And Lord knows what else with all the pains that I do have LOL I could tell you much much more but I feel that you get now the jest of my pain and my great passion for this AIDSWalk San Francisco. Dealing with 12 past SURGERIES with constant recovery. I’m LIVING with HIV/AIDS, AVASCULAR NEUCROSIS, ARTHRITIS, NEUROPATHY, SPINAL STENOSIS, and CONSTANT PAIN. I am still walking and as long as I can walk I will certainly do just that. My back is trying to stop me but I will not let it. I WILL WALK!! I hope that you will help support me in my efforts to help others that need what I've had the opportunity to have, and that’s great care. The AIDS Emergency Fund has been there for me at times in life that I had no clue of what would happen next. With the help of the AIDS Emergency Fund I was able to get thru some trying times.
AIDSWalk San Francisco is a supporter of agencies like AIDS Emergency Fund and other small agency that Help people in their care and in living LIFE to their fullest.

Thank You for reading a little of my story. Now click on the link and Please Donate. And remember, like my mother always said to me "ONLY THE STRONG SURVIVE".
Lets help them be STRONG and all SURVIVE!


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