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Rell Sanderson

Rell Sanderson

Including this year, I have participated in 30 AIDS Walks in 5 different cities. That amounts to 300 km or 186 miles. One year I walked in 2 AW. In the early years I thought that a cure would have been found decades ago. Yet here we are virtually walking once more during another pandemic

The funds raised during AIDS Walk SF, go to help support an estimated 16,000 persons, in seven bay area counties, who are living with HIV. Please help me make a difference and add your donation. Thank you, Rell.


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1. Lynn Dally
In honor of my first friend who died of AIDS in San Francisco, Robert Lepley RIP. And great joy for all who are living with AIDS. Stay well!
2. Patricia Caprara
3. Anonymous
4. Bill Stanziani
keep up the good work !
5. Sandy Blanden
Keep up the good work Rell❤️
6. Gail Hentges
Hope all is well with you Rell 😊
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